So it finally happened..

Well ..

Here I am at 22 weeks and I finally had my first “over emotional, irrational pregnant woman crying for no reason” moment. Granted, there was a reason, but even I had to question what was happening to me because the tears were out of my control!

mood swing

Yesterday Jalen had a day off, so after sleeping half of the day away (as I patiently stayed in bed and filled my morning with House of Cards while waiting on him to get up), we finally started moving around and went to get his car checked out. After leaving the car place, we went to the Daiquiri Shack. Yes, I was a little jealous at first because I clearly can’t drink and they have some really good mixes there, but I brushed it off and continued browsing their menu for non-alcoholic drinks… Then that’s when it happened.

As we pulled up to the window.. Jalen told the girl his order (while getting excited that they had an “add 3 shots for $1.00” special) and then he asked her about their non-alcoholic drinks. Her response? “Oh sorry… Our machine for those is currently down.”


The look of disappointment on my face was UNREAL. I sat back in the passenger seat for 2 seconds and pouted at the news then Jalen looked over and laughed. I tried to laugh too (because honestly it wasn’t that big of a deal), but after the first little chuckle my eyes started tearing up. He said “babe stop being a punk!” I tried my hardest not to sound like a brat as my voice rattled out “I can’t”, but that lump you feel in your throat just before you start to cry had already formed. He just continued to look and laugh as it took everything in me to not let a single tear fall from my eyes. All I could say was “babe, I really can’t control it!” “IDK what’s happening right now!” “It’s not me, it’s the hormones!”


After that, I called my mom and asked had that ever happened to her during any of her pregnancies because I honestly felt like a crazy person. Even though she said she personally never experienced that, she had heard stories from others, and I’ve even seen stories from moms in the pregnancy forums which made me feel just a little less crazy lol.

Upon leaving the Daiquiri Shack, we also stopped to get some food so my sadness didn’t last long at all! I returned home with a smile !


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